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As many of you already know, I had the privilege of spending a week in Milos, Greece a few weeks ago before our fall semester started !


Lars, Manos and I spent quite a while searching for a hotel before our trip, throwing ideas back and forth on our group chat on WhatsApp. Guys are guys and their standards when it comes to hotels are: bed, toilet, toilet paper. While I didn't want to be the diva of the trip by selecting a way out-of-budget hotel for the sake of luxury, I still wanted something beautiful to look forward to. It was my first time in Greece and of course we all wanted our trip to be special. If students are shelling out hard earned money to go on a vacation, we best better make our experience worth it!


About a month before our trip, I spent some time each day after work looking up hotels and hostels on Trip Advisor (<-- incredible resource), , Expedia and many others. Naturally the gorgeous hotels were way out of our budget, but I still fantasize about staying in a hotel like Melian when I win the lottery:


Nice right? A girl can dream 😉

Then I stumbled upon another beautiful hotel that received excellent reviews and was surprisingly in our budget!

Milos Del Mar Hotel.


Unfortunately the only photos I have are from the evening, and the daytime photos from their website are definitely outdated because this hotel was beautifully renovated completely white and the gardens were in full bloom!

This independently owned and operated hotel is in conjunction with the Best Western company and received a not surprising 4.5 / 5 stars on Trip Advisor. I know I speak on behalf of the guys as well, I would have given this hotel a 5/5. We were incredibly pleased with our stay!

We rented a two bedroom apartment with a kitchen and shared bathroom. The bedrooms were big and comfortable, about the size of a standard hotel room! We even had a small balcony right outside our bedroom.


The photos on the official website are of course stunning, but the photos on Trip Advisor are slightly less alluring. To our surprise, the actual apartment was much nicer than the photos (when does that EVER happen?!)

Del Mar is exactly what is advertised: a comfortable hotel right next to the beach, conveniently located only seconds away from the restaurants and other main attractions of Pallonia. It took us less than a minute to reach the beach for our morning workout and walking to dinner after a showering up after a beach day took just as little time.


While the location is optimal, we still were never disrupted by noise at night even though our room was only about 100m away from the restaurants.

Coming back from dinner was always enjoyable because our hotel didn't look like a massive city Hilton hotel, but rather a quaint, inconspicuous little Greek home.


The service was also great. I received prompt, helpful e-mail responses usually within an hour. A gracious Thank You needs to be directed to Ergina and Iliana from the reception as they were always kind and generous with information !

On our first morning we ran into the housekeepers and I thanked them for their work. She asked have we enjoyed our stay and I assured her we have indeed! I casually told her I absolutely loved the body lotion in the bathroom; it felt so good after a day in the sun and smelled delicious, and joked I was glad guys don't like this stuff so I can have it all to myself! She laughed and said something along the lines of 'Glad you like it!' and continued working.

When we returned home after our days adventures, I had three new bottles sitting on my bedside table



How nice is that?! 😀 You can rest assured I stashed those immediately in hopes of this generous pattern repeating again in the next days. Thankfully, it did! And now I have about 36 bottles of Olive Tree body lotion as a souvenir 🙂

All in all our stay in Del Mar, Milos was wonderful. Finding a beautiful hotel on the water that's affordable is not easy, but Del Mar lived up to its standards. I would absolutely stay here again and whole heartedly recommend it to others. No lottery winning necessary 😉

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