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Guys, it's ok.

I do it too.

It's October and the only thing you can think about is how much you're looking forward to the Halloween parties and then it's October 28th and you still have no idea what you're going to be (<- Me, every single year).


I've had some incredibly thought out (naaaat) and some off-a-whim costumes over the years. Our University likes costume and theme parties so I often find myself in search of a costume idea that is both fun, clever and I can pull together in record time without splurging on pricy pre-made costumes or props. I definitely prefer a comfortable / fun costume over a sexy little, cleavage boosting, butt boasting cat-woman get-up any day. Below are some of my most recent costumes, that are incredibly easy to recreate for all you last minute procrastinators!

1.  Kesha / Rockstar

HalloweenKesha    Snip20151019_50

I really loved this costume! I had all the pieces already in my closet (except for the boots which I borrowed from my super trendy friend) and looked up Kesha's lightning bolt eyeliner style online and got creative. Band t-shirt, boots, black pants, black nail polish, eyeliner, messy curly hair, all the black and silver jewellery I own + rockstar attitude - done.

Some other creative costumes from that night:


Queen, Candy Girl, Black-and-white man, Brian May and of course, Kesha.

2. My chemistry professor


I can admit this years later, but this was a complete last-minute-costume-disaster saviour. I don't even remember what I was originally planning to be, I just remember not being able to follow through with it at all. Worst part was, I was hosting a Halloween party and didn't have a costume. I asked one of the chemistry tutors (a young PhD student who totally understood the Halloween costume crisis) if I could borrow a pair of the chemistry department's pants which had a red logo with the name of our University. Our chemistry professor was pretty iconic with messy hair (fitting the stereotype of 'crazy chemist') so I pinned my hair up and messed it up until it looked short. Then my labcoat and chemistry goggles and the outfit was complete! As soon as I imitated our beloved professor's accent, everyone in my class knew who I was.

The idea is easily re-creatable for med students who already have a white coat and lab goggles!

3. 50s


Who doesn't love the look of the 50s? If you're in store for a good costume idea with your boyfriend or girlfriend, this one works! The red dress was found in my grandmother's closet which I took with me back to school, with a plan to hem the shin-length dress. I never got around to brining it to a seamstress, so the dress was authentically 50s! If you don't happen to have your grandmother's dresses lying around, a long pencil skirt and nice high cut top does the deed! Pearl earrings, red lipstick and your 50s look is complete! For your man, a slicked back hairdo and fancy formal wear works perfectly. That vest was bought from a second hand store for $3.

4. 90s


Let's continue with the generation themes and do 90s! This should be an easy one for everyone. Big belts, chocker necklace, hoop earrings and brownish lipcolor makes you so rad. Extra points for bell-bottoms! I think I'm the only girl in all of Europe who still wears flared and boot-cut jeans so these were easily in my closet. If you're so trendy that you only have skinny jeans, then mini-skirts with fishnets or colored stockings work too! For guys, sports jerseys and backwards hats and skate shoes (all easily found at second hand shops! I'm starting to realize I actually own most of these 'costumes' while Lars needs to go thrift shopping... I'm that in style apparently. Moving on...)

4. India


Yes I own a Saree. And no I'm not sorry. (<-- I had to.....) Also from my grandmother's closet, I had an authentic Saree, but these are surprisingly easy to find at second hand shops as well! I watched about 17 YouTube videos on how to properly tie one but this is fun, pretty, versatile and definitely unique! (Photo from our annual International Evening at our school).

5. Spanish


Continuing on the cultural international themes, arrribaa! We had a Spanish Fever theme party at school and all this took was a ruffled top, hair tied back in a side bun, a big white flower (which I actually bought from Spain years ago to go with a flamenco dress), hoop earrings, red lipstick and a glass of Sangaria.

6. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Snip20151019_46             Snip20151019_47

Last but not least, one of my favorite costume ideas yet! 😀

Everyone is talking about the ongoing presidential debates so we thought it would be fun to spin off current events! For Hillary, I pinned up my long hair into a faux-bob (super easy: just tie hair into a loose, low ponytail and pull the ends under and secure with 65,000 bobby pins. Mess up and curl some of the top layers of your hair to make it a little uneven.) I wanted blonde hairspray but couldn't find any, so I lightened my hair with baby powder! (not too successfully, so I definitely recommend temporary hair color if available 😉 ) For the outfit I just took one of my sleeveless, collared tops, which was comfortable for a party. A long-sleeve, collared shirt with a blazer would have been more accurate but slightly more sweltering. (I knew we were going out afterwards so a blazer in a nightclub just wouldn't jam).
For Donald, Lars got a second-hand shirt (second hand is good for when you don't want to wear your nicer clothes out to a party / club) and borrowed his friend's super dorky pants that he hiked way up. We completed the looks with Vote Hillary 2016 and Vote Trump 2016 pins I made out of cardboard, paper, and safety pins. Naturally, I have an American flag in my apartment at all times which I brought along as a prop 🙂

Snip20151019_48       Snip20151019_49

Naturally, buying a ready made head-to-toe costume is much easier than making something yourself, but they're often so expensive that students tend to gravitate towards the DIY projects. I think being a broke student makes you more creative, because I find myself and my friends really stretching their imagination when thinking of costume ideas. I asked Lars what his favorite costume was over the years and he said "a flower pot."

My point exactly.

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