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The mother strikes again!

I was so lucky to get a nice, calm, easy and relaxing start to the semester by having my mother visit Pécs! Since I spent the December in Pécs studying for exams, I didn't get to see my family over the holidays. Fortunately, I was able to visit my dad in the States after the exam period which was so great! But then every girl needs her mama time.


Especially when she comes bearing gifts


I've written in previous posts where you can plop your parents when they visit and you need to go to class. The spa, restaurants, fitness centers, yoga studios and museums are all excellent options, and Pécs is full of them! But one thing that deserves slightly more attention, is the beer.


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From connoisseur to occasional drinker, every beer lover needs to experience Egylet. A small, local, hole in the wall Balkan restaurant that features 9 beers on tap and many more by the bottle, this is the place where beer lovers unite.

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We ended up coming here twice during my mother's stay because she quickly became friends with the chocolate beer she tried over Thanksgiving. Fortunately, for non-beer drinkers there are plenty of other options from Balkan teas (very weird) to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails (delicious).

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I thoroughly enjoyed a drink called Remeke, which is soda water and a ton of fruit on the bottom.

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After a long day of classes, this was the perfect refreshing drink!

Egylet has an eclectic Balkan menu featuring their signature Balkan Burger which can easily feed two hungry people.

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We also ordered a vegetarian dish of lentil patties which came with a perfectly creamy yogurt dipping sauce.

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Both dishes and drinks were absolutely delicious and incredibly filling!

To work off the burgers and beer, my mother visited my local fitness studio Fitnexx daily. They have everything from yoga, pilates and spine therapy to X-fight, kangoo and TRX. Fitnexx definitely has something for everyone, men and women of all ages! Even grandmas 🙂


After walking around in the sun and getting plenty of solar therapy, coffee will inevitably sound appealing.


Aryancipo will always be a Hungarian favorite! With one located on nearly every street corner in the city you're certain to satisfy your caffeine craving quickly and effortlessly.

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Dinner just may be the easiest and best part of hosting friends and family in Pécs. One of our all-time favorite go-to restaurants is the Italian Elefantos!


Going out for a fancy shmansy dinner as a student is often times an unattainable dream for your retired life. In Hungary and especially at Elefantos, that's not the case.


Especially now with their -50% off all pizzas and pastas deal they have going on until March 1st!

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My standby is the Cappricciosa pizza which has ham, mushroom and artichoke along with a glass of the Villany Portuguiser wine.

FullSizeRender 14

But their pesto is unreal too


And tiramisu for dessert, of course 😉


With their affordable prices, good service and warm atmosphere, Elefantos is perfect student standby.


Segueing into terrifying, confusing yet oddly intriguing cultural events, Busójárás!

This is an event I've heard of for so many years yet never attended. With my mother and our good friend Manos's sister visiting, we thought it was the perfect time to finally visit and take a plunge into the lively event.

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The origins of this annual festival, held in the small city of Mohács, dates back to the 1500s. Legend has it, that during the Ottoman times, the residents of Mohács fled the town to avoid the Turkish troops. One night, a Sokak man suddenly appeared and assured them to not be afraid, everything will be soon good again, but should prepare for battle. Thus, they created scary masks, weapons and noise makers to scare away the Turks.

FullSizeRender 17

Success! Those masks are terrifying...

FullSizeRender 15

Adding to the cultural parade were the beautiful national costumes

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 20

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Surrounding the main event are smaller dance performances throughout the city. You could easily spend a day getting lost in all the festival has to offer. And no worries when the inevitable hunger strikes. There was a vast food quarter where everything from traditional Hungarian sausages to completely healthy vegan fare.

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We ended up staying into the early evening and had a great time! This festival is something that every student studying in Hungary needs to experience at least once. The parade, music, dancing and costumes may induce a slight migrane but it's definitely worth it  😉


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We decided to walk from the city center back to the train station along the Danube river which was a calm, picture perfect view to end an otherwise hectic, eventful sensory overload day.


If you're interested in visiting the festival next February, you can keep an eye out on this webpage for more information!

Hungarian students who are in the dark on how to travel domestically (no shame, we all have to start somewhere 🙂 )  We took the train to Mohács, which is about 40km east of Pécs. The train schedule can be found at the Mav train station webpage. If you're on a tight schedule, don't rely on the train taking you there in a timely matter. Patience is a virtue when it comes to traveling in Hungary 😉


Boys will be boys 😉