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There's a secret coffee house gem in what literally seems like a hole in the wall in Pécs.


Yesterday Lars turned 27 and after a massive fail at making chocolate pancakes for breakfast, I wanted to make it up to him at lunch. (The pancakes were originally intended to be waffles, but the somehow overflowing, carbonated batter caused our waffle iron to take a dramatic plummet to the floor, splitting into two ending our weekend morning waffle tradition then and there. Sad day. The scrambled pancakes were delicious though... 🙂 )

When lunchtime rolled around, I took my studious birthday boy and we ventured off to find my orthopedics professor's coffee shop!

(Photo from Facebook)

Professor Váncsodi is a coffee connoisseur and his shop shows it. Pécsi Kávé, located right in the heart of Pécs city center is a quaint, quiet coffee haven oasis.

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Their regular iced coffee is absolute, refreshing perfection but if you dare, their expansive menu offers specialty brews like the super trendy lemonade-coffee (I didn't dare to try it but was definitely intrigued!), fruit coffee, or a far less audacious option, their new cold brew!

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Lars gave this drink two thumbs up. It wasn't as strong as I expected but definitely lives up to it's hyped expectation. For those of you in the dark about the new trendy cold brew coffee, it is regular coffee but brewed at cooler temperatures for extended periods of time. Essentially, the coffee grounds marinate in cool water for 18+ hours which forbids the highly soluble components of coffee grounds (fatty acids and caffeine) to bypass the final product. The cold brew is far less acidic than regular coffee, so if you need a caffeine jolt but don't care for the bitterness of regular coffee, cold brew is perfect for you!

IMG_0449  IMG_0447

Pécsi Kávé's made-to-order sandwiches have a solid reputation. For a reason! The bread is full and the ingredients are simple and fresh.


We ordered one ham sandwich and one hummus and salad platter.


Both were delicious and I would certainly order both again.


The hummus tasted perfectly home-made, and had the texture was spot on when combined with the fresh bread it was served along with.


Lars and I sat down and enjoyed the warm breeze and indulgent coffee break until he was antsy to get back to studying.


Pécsi Kávé is the perfect place for an enjoyable sit-down coffee break or a quick pit-stop between classes. Offering breakfast, brunch and lunch every day of the week, it's a definite 'must' in Pécs!

More information on their Facebook page!

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Up next: Lemonade coffee. The temptation is real 😉

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored by Pécsi Kávé; all opinions are my own. Additionally, there were zero apple-polishing, brown-nosing attempts made towards the orthopedics department as I have already passed the orthopedics exam. Thank you to Professor Váncsodi for an uplifting semester!

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