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Hungry in Hungary?

*insert outrageous laughter here*

It's no secret I'm no friend of the kitchen. While I do enjoy good, healthy food, my culinary skills are sub-par at best. The investment of peeling onions after a long day of classes does not qualify as time well spent or relaxing by any stretch of the imagination. Our Monday at school consists of both forensic medicine and obstetrics seminars one right after the other. Monday morning starts off by looking at cases of violence, abuse, self-destruction and bodies that have been degraded by saws or maggots. Or sometimes both. Not all aspects of medicine tickle everyone's fancy, and forensic parthology certainly qualifies in that category for me.  And no, forensics is nothing like CSI.

What we thought forensics was going to be like: 

What the forensic medicine department actually looks like:




Immediately after forensics class we have obstetrics and gynecology where every female in my class feels their ovaries doing flips and sqeamishly hiding their inner excitement for tiny babies. There is just something uplifting about hearing a fetal heartbeat or feeling a limb when it's still in the mother's womb.

From curious, obscure (often disgusting) deaths to new life, it's safe to say the contrast in our day is substantial. I think my classmate hit the nail on the head when she described our Monday schedule:


Yup, pretty much sums it up!

The diversity of medical school certainly keeps things interesting but it's also exhausting. And exhaustion = hunger. Fortunately, after a long day there's an easy answer to this prayer.


If you're new to Pécs and haven't already done yourself a favor and visited what is informally known as "The Fruit Shop on Ferenszesek," please do.


You're in for a treat as this place has both local and imported fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, herbs, spices, sauces, mixes I'm sure I'm forgetting something but the fact is this place has everything needed to make something delicious.


Study snack heaven.

I have a endless-budget policy when I go here because I know whatever I spend, it will be money well spent!


What is better than incredibly fresh, good quality produce. (There wasn't a question mark at the end of that sentence as it was a rhetorical question. And the answer is NOTHING.)


Step in here, buy one of everything, fire up your oven and put everything inside at once. Boil some rice or quinoa and throw everything on top and call it a day. That is my weekday meal about 4 night's out of 5 because you can't go wrong. It's simple and I guarantee it will taste fantastic. Simple, healthy, cheap, quick, delicious = perfect student meal.


And chat up the employees while you're there! Each and every one is incredibly kind. They recognize Lars and I, and out of pure kindness each time they've thrown in a bundle of parsley or this home-made plum syrup!


How kind is that? 🙂 And ps, what do I do with plum syrup?

If chopping up vegetables and turning your oven on is an effort for another time, you can't go wrong with making a reservation at Tex Mex. I made the mistake of discovering this place far too late and am making up for it by visiting this place on the regular.

snip20161016_9  snip20161016_10

And I pretty much order the same thing every time. A caramello quesadilla ( a quesadilla with caramelized onions and spicy chicken) and a mojito to fire up the fiesta. Besides their authentic Tex Mex cuisine, they're known for their sky high, Instagram worthy cocktails.


If any of your friends go to Tex Mex, you will see a photo of their drinks on their SnapChat story the next morning. Case in point:


Since celebratory cocktails are always on the menu at Tex Mex, this place is the perfect place for a date night or girls night!


The owner, waiter and bartender all-in-one, Zsolt, will make sure your time at Tex Mex is an unforgettable one. What a king!


He'll make you something bubbly, fruity, festive and delicious. And best of all? He never forgets the cherry 😉



To make a reservation at Tex Mex you can either call them  (+36 72 215 427) or message them on Facebook. Enjoy the fiesta!

Bon Apetite, Pécs!