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You know that feeling when you've spent 6 years somewhere and the moment you move, great new restaurants start popping up everywhere?


Well this certainly happened in my case. Lyr is a new restaurant café that is entirely vegan boasting an (almost entirely) in-house made menu.

I've been there three times now and each time have fallen in gustatory love with a new dish.

From breakfast to specialty coffees to vegan burgers, this place has everything for anyone looking for a quick bite between classes or a proper 3 hour breakfast.

No judgement on that last one. Definitely happened about a week ago when I finished my last exam and waited to hear from Lars who had his final state exam!

After my last exam, I called my best friend to see if he wanted to have coffee with me and check out this new restaurant in town. He jumped on board and we met for coconut coffee and pancakes.

I told Sebbe that I wasn't hungry because I just had breakfast a few hours prior, but as soon as those pancakes came out, best be sure I dominated half of them.

You can't say no to home-made berry sauce atop sweet pillowy pancakes. Absolutely delicious!

We sipped our coffees and I enjoyed my second breakfast while waiting for a message from Lars that he was finished with his exam. Lyr was such a nice place to wait because the atmosphere was warm and friendly, and the reverse osmosis water just kept coming!

Eventually I got to hear Lars was out of his exam and I raced over to the hospital to meet him.

Turns out being finished with your exam means waiting three more hours to hear your result.

Safe to say Lars was a bit nervous 😉

But as soon as he was called into the room to hear his evaluation, I held onto Manos's hand and we waited for the man of the hour to come out.

Sweet relief!! There's my handsome doctor 🙂  <3

The moment I saw Lars come out of that room was one of the greatest moments. All of the bipolar struggle and joy of medical school just culminated into one moment, and I truly felt the anti-climactic relief with him. Lars didn't really know what to think then and there, so he was just quiet and reserved, but I'm pretty sure he felt something along the lines of shit this means I'm a doctor now  😀

Then our vacation started and we've made sure to visit Lyr for both breakfast and lunch on several occasions!

Yesterday was Lars's birthday and we started the festivities with a special birthday brunch!

I tried bulletproof coffee for the first time.

Matcha tea is so last year, so I had to test out this new craze! I wrote a post a while back about The science behind the latest health drinks, and I think Bulletproof coffee should certainly be in the part 2 of this post! Known for it's creamy texture and robust flavor, the coconut oil infused version of this health drink boasts several theorized health benefits from mental clarity to suppressed hunger. While it was certainly very creamy (and surprisingly foamy!) I think the tangy-ness is something to get used to 😉

For brunch we each tried something new to us. I had a bean burrito and Lars had the Aloha burger, made with beans and pineapple! Both were full of flavor and plentiful.

Compliments to the chef, yet again!

Lars is a guys-guy carnivore and had no trouble feeling full and satisfied after this meal. Don't let vegan food fool you! The reputation of vegan food being for birds will immediately be eradicated as soon as you try Lyr. Take it from Lyr owners, Szilvia and David.

But no birthday is complete without a special treat!  Lyr also has a delicious selection of vegan desserts, from tiramisu to coffee, chocolate and carrot cake. I chose the carrot cake (because he was getting chocolate cake later that evening 😉 )

Happy birthday to my special man!

Yup. Definitely ate over half of it.

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Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. I was not compensated for my review, I simply love the restaurant and think everyone should go there 🙂 Bon apetit!